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Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stress: The Right Way Out.

                                               Photo by Makayla  on Unsplash                                 Lately, the weather has been so hot that it becomes very difficult for people to do things they would normally do in milder weather. And the likelihood of people coming down with heat exhaustion, heat stress or even developing heatstroke is high. What is Heat Exhaustion? Heat exhaustion according to Mayo Clinic is a condition induced by high exposure to a combination of high temperature, high humidity, and strenuous physical activity. It is expressed in the form of heavy sweating, and a rapid pulse; a result of your body’s overheating. What is heat stress? Heat stress on the other hand is a condition where the body overheats and puts stress on the body. This could lead to heat cramps or heat stroke in more severe cases. We cannot deny that nature is God’s gift to mankind to enjoy. Practically everyone talks about trying to eat, live or be more in tune with nature, but there are

Here’s why I love my body and why you should too to avoid depression


Photo Credit: Renepfister on Pixabay

Recently I came across a video of a top social media influencer discussing her surgery gone badly. Her earlier videos had highlighted her beautiful surgery achieved look until things backfired and she had a botched result. 

With the ever-increasing stress top influencers put young people to believe that only certain body images are beautiful you can imagine how many young people and teens rush into clinics to book for a consultation to correct a perceived anomaly. 

So, over the years there has been an increase in the number of women opting for plastic surgery just because they have been made to feel that something doesn’t look quite right with how they look.

Some others have opted for tea and a pill to lose weight. While the results vary, one common thing is the high expectation of the buyer of such products and services.

Hence the health industry continues to be an evergreen niche for people who want to sell health products and services to people with claims that they are needful.

This shouldn’t be so.

It is painful to admit that we have bought into the myth that we are only beautiful and feel trendy when we fall within the category of what the public accepts as beautiful.

Photo Credit: Renepfister on Pixabay

What is the Way Out?

Whoever said being plus-size is bad. Why do you believe that your nose must look a certain way or that your breast and buttocks must be bigger for you to look beautiful? 

I am a plus-sized woman, and I don't feel bad that I am plus-sized. 

Do I give attention to my weight? 

Yes, I do. I work out at home and try to eat healthy to lose weight and live healthily.

The stress and strain associated with childbirth and motherhood have had their toll on my body, even so, I still love my body. I am not ashamed of the stretch marks on my belly as they are a constant reminder of the sacrifice I had to make for my cute babies to be born. 

I carry no silicone implants in my chest to plump up my breast, no Botox injections on my face to appear younger, and see no need to fix my perfect nose.

 Do I judge the teeming youths and adults seeking plastic surgery?  No!

I am aware that not all who seek plastic surgery do so to meet society’s image of beauty neither do I blame those who do to meet such requirements.

However, society is to blame. Yes!

 You and I do nothing but promote these ‘fake’ images of beauty that come with a heavy price on our health. You and I who choose to believe that we can never be more than what we currently are until we modify our body to fit a certain look are to blame.

We must move beyond the outward looks to see the beauty that lies inherent within each one of us that when fully appreciated lead to a full and satisfying life.

Wrinkles, scars, and some sagged tissues are a daily reminder of the sacrifice your body in conjunction with time has had to make. You look great the way you are. Without foreign materials in your chest, there is no place for intramuscular contractions.

Your body is perfect the way it is and you do not need the approval of anyone else to love it. If you feel too big to choose healthier options like work out and healthier eating habits as a lifestyle. You will feel healthier and be happier.

The bottom line is you must have the right mindset. Whether fat or slim, never let anyone's body shame you into doing what you might regret.

What must I do?

Photo by Luiza Braun on Unsplash

  • Love your body to the point of protecting it;
  • Eat healthy diets with lots of vegetables to boost your immune, and give your skin a glow;
  • Stay happy and positive;
  • Avoid situations that could lead to accidents;
  • If medical situations need plastic surgery to arise, please see your doctor;
  • Let surgery be the last option and not the cheap way out;
  • Carry the scars of time as proudly as you can.
You can see more details on how to show your body some love here

Consequences of falling to societal pressure

Depression and a lack of self-appreciation: Depression could set in as a result of a lack of self-appreciation and a desire to alter the body to meet certain expectations. Even when plastic surgery is carried out, there is no guarantee that the actual outcome would meet the exact expectation of the one seeking such surgery.

Complications may arise: Just as the number of patients seeking plastic surgery has increased, there has also been an increase in people seeking more surgery to correct mistakes from previous surgery. Just turn on your television set to programs which show this and you will be shocked.

Addiction to plastic surgery: The possibility of getting addicted to the look may leave more and more people addicted to plastic surgery. This is because to get ‘that look’ you may need to get under the knife more than once and with time begin to enjoy the thrill of getting under the knife much to your disadvantage.


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