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Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stress: The Right Way Out.

                                               Photo by Makayla  on Unsplash                                 Lately, the weather has been so hot that it becomes very difficult for people to do things they would normally do in milder weather. And the likelihood of people coming down with heat exhaustion, heat stress or even developing heatstroke is high. What is Heat Exhaustion? Heat exhaustion according to Mayo Clinic is a condition induced by high exposure to a combination of high temperature, high humidity, and strenuous physical activity. It is expressed in the form of heavy sweating, and a rapid pulse; a result of your body’s overheating. What is heat stress? Heat stress on the other hand is a condition where the body overheats and puts stress on the body. This could lead to heat cramps or heat stroke in more severe cases. We cannot deny that nature is God’s gift to mankind to enjoy. Practically everyone talks about trying to eat, live or be more in tune with nature, but there are

How to Walk out of Depression Without Medication


A depressed girl sitting down listless
Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

Over the months I have experienced the terrible downward spiral associated with depression. With no motivation to do anything and a resultant drop in productivity I was able to feel first hand the pain, heaviness, and  despair that comes with depression and the joy  derived when I beat it without medication.

October was a month that highlighted the pains of those with depression and although I have written one or two articles on the subject matter, having a first hand experience was more like an eye opener. Much as I yearned to write and keep up the update of my blog I just couldn't. The entire period depression was draining  every ounce of strength I had. Hence I think there is no right or wrong time to talk about depression.

Having written on this subject matter, I never imagined it would take this long to break free from this grip and get the bits and pieces of my life and push forward.

Even though deep down I knew I lagging behind in several ways I still could not break free. Nothing mattered anymore until with some help I was able to get my life back on track.

You may be wondering how I was able to break free and get my life on track, here's how I did it.

Walking out of depression.

Making the choice to walk out of depression, is the best choice anyone can make. Like I pointed out, the suffering is real and the temptation to overlook those important to us is high but with some love and support I was able to break through through maze.

Here are some the things I did to help through the period.

1. Fill your void : Try to immerse yourself in something that can distract you and fill the void in your heart even if temporarily. Read a book, watch a movie, or listen to songs, which ever works for you. While this may eat up your time and reduce your productivity, it prevent you from engaging in any act that may prove harmful to you and diverts your thoughts to other directions. 

2. Identify the cause of your mood: To effectively overcome depression, you should be able to identify the the factor(s) or events events trigger this state in you. There is an old saying that "nothing good cones easy" and this rings true even for depression. For as long as this step is avoided or skipped, you may never truly beat depression. This is the foundation of your success.

You need to ask yourself some questions

Is your depression family, stress or work related?

To what extent does this trigger depression in you? 

These are some questions that you will have to answer in this journey to break free from depression.

3. Take a walk around: Fresh air and beautiful scenery has the tendency of boosting our outlook to life. Your mood is lifted and the brightness of nature inspires hope in you. Take advantage of the parks close to you and harness the power of nature to beat depression. This activity is both good for your physical and mental health and positions you to look at the bright side of life .

4. Eat the right kind of food: There are certain food that help boost mood and help you overcome the feeling of depression. These food include those kind of food that relaxes the body, increase the release of serotonin and many more. To get a full list of these food you can check this post. Eating right will also help you lose some excess weight.

5. Get someone to hold you accountable for how you spend your day: Having someone who you can listen to and rely on to hold you accountable for your daily progress is important. This would help you take small steps to keep yourself actively engaged in activities that will be beneficial to your overall health. Where your productivity has been affected, this helps you to get back on track and get your life at the desired pace on the road to complete recovery.

This person is expected to to call or check on you daily to ensure you actually execute mutually agreed tasks.

6. Talk to someone about your feelings: An issue shared with someone is likened to one half solved. Open up to someone you trust and unburden your heart and soul. This act presents an opportunity to see the different options available to you in life. Plus, it helps to you to move past your vulnerability once you've talked about them with someone you trust.

7. Keep company with your family and friends: Depression is no small feat, and those who suffer from depression need all the love and support they can get. So, stay in the company of those you love. This is a key step to walking out of depression. 

8. Keep your goals small at the beginning: Try not to push yourself to the limits. Your achievement may seem small and insignificant,  trust me they are but small steps to your strong rebound. Your goals can be adjusted as your progress gets better. 

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