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Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stress: The Right Way Out.

                                               Photo by Makayla  on Unsplash                                 Lately, the weather has been so hot that it becomes very difficult for people to do things they would normally do in milder weather. And the likelihood of people coming down with heat exhaustion, heat stress or even developing heatstroke is high. What is Heat Exhaustion? Heat exhaustion according to Mayo Clinic is a condition induced by high exposure to a combination of high temperature, high humidity, and strenuous physical activity. It is expressed in the form of heavy sweating, and a rapid pulse; a result of your body’s overheating. What is heat stress? Heat stress on the other hand is a condition where the body overheats and puts stress on the body. This could lead to heat cramps or heat stroke in more severe cases. We cannot deny that nature is God’s gift to mankind to enjoy. Practically everyone talks about trying to eat, live or be more in tune with nature, but there are

Why Sugar May be Causing More Harm Than Good to Your Body

                                          Photo by aranprime on Unsplash

In most society there appears to be a rise in the number of sugar-related health issues, prominent among these illnesses is obesity. One major factor health experts attribute to obesity is the intake of excessive amounts of carbohydrates and other sugar spiked products. This leaves one with the question, is sugar not good for the body? If yes, what other alternative is available.

What are sugars?

Sugar is everyday substances found within the home, in different forms like granulated sugar, powdered sugar, or in lumps as cubes. They're soluble carbohydrates and have a sweet taste as such are widely used to sweeten food and drinks.

Different forms of Sugar

Sugar in my part of the world Is obtained from the juice of the plant known as sugar cane - a healthy fibrous stalking plant. It is a sweet treat that is enjoyed by those who love to suck the juices from the plant. When consumed or utilized in its natural state, there is no harm to the body as it does not negatively affect your body. 

This does not mean that you can just consume processed sugar carelessly. In a very high concentration processed sugar becomes harmful to the body and could ultimately become addictive sort of, like a drug.

Researchers have shown that sugar is a good alternative to use when checking the effects of hard drugs on laboratory rats. This is an indication that highly processed sugar is not a substance to be taken without consideration for our overall health.

Types of sugars

It is important to clarify that there are several kinds of sugar, while some are natural and others are processed - such that even though they started in their natural form, they're now far from natural.

Fructose also is known as keto-hexose– Don’t get confused by the word. While kind of sugar is derived from fruits, it has passed through processes that end up with a highly-concentrated sugar product.  This type of sugar is not healthy for consumption and can be said to be “industrial fructose”. 

Consuming fructose directly from fresh fruits isn't harmful as long as you do not eat too much per time to avoid a runny stomach, however, once processed, it becomes a different thing else entirely and causes a lot of deal of health issues.

Glucose also known as aldohexose – This is often sugar that’s in your blood. It is obtained from natural plant foods like carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables, particularly starchy ones. It is one of the foremost vital medications and pronto accessible. It provides most of the energy the brain needs.  It’s vital for metabolic health, respiration, and more.

  Glucose is formulated industrially by utilizing starchy plants like corn, rice, wheat, and other ingredients.

Lactose – Found in milk, it’s made up of galactose and glucose. Industrially it’s manufactured as a by-product of the dairy trade. Most humans produce lactase to assist in the digestion of this sugar way into adulthood. 

Still, some individuals cannot properly digest this type of sugar in adulthood.

Maltose – This sugar is found within the germination procedure because the seeds break down their starch stores for food to sprout and grow. This sugar could lead to several intolerances as well as weight gain. Nevertheless, eating it in its natural states like in sweet potatoes, soybeans, barley and wheat (other than people who suffer from celiac) is healthy. 

Sucrose – This sugar comes from cane and beets. Industrial processing presents it rather like table sugar. Before it is processed it has a lot of health benefits, vitamins, and minerals.  

Photo by Allen Meki on Unsplash               

As you see, most sugars begin a very healthy natural state (the state of nature)  and aren’t unhealthy in their natural and whole form until they pass through tons of-processing. It’s the super-processing that’s unhealthy for you, as a result of it, it makes natural sugars into extremely addictive drug-like substances.

Reasons why sugar is bad for the body

There are several reasons why people attempt to justify the high consumption of sugar in their homes. One of which is that life is too short to do without sugar. If you must, then do so in moderation or check for alternatives. Here are some reasons why sugar is bad for the body.

The body Immune could become compromised –When processed sugar is consumed in large amounts, the ability of the body to fight off attacks by disease agents is lowered. This is because your body workload is increased and this can prove fatal. Generally, sugars are very bad for health.

The chances of developing diabetes are increased– If you take in a high concentration of sugar in the form of drinks, sweet treats, and the likes, the chances of coming down with diabetes increases significantly. The number of people diagnosed with diabetes keeps rising daily and one major cause of this is processed sugar.

Risk of Behavior Problems –  Excess sugar in the blood type in children can cause them to become restless and agitated. While some children become hyperactive and can wear down the effects of sugar on their system, not all children are so active. The key is to ensure a better balance is by feeding them healthier fruits so their blood sugar would be balanced.

Poor Concentration – This could happen when your brain does not get the constant supply of necessary us it needs. You may wonder so why don't I keep eating more sugar? Processed sugar may get absorbed fast but they tend to leave the blood cells as fast as they enter other parts of the body This creates a drop in the amount that makes it to your brain. Give your brain a steady flow of glucose from healthier sources instead of that from soft drinks.

Feeds Some Cancers – Research has shown that sugars tend to feed some cancer cells. They draw from the sugar consumed to grow. White sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and white flour make the list of things cancer cells love. The great thing about this is that you can significantly lower your risk of cancer by cutting down on your sugar intake.

Likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction -When there is too much sugar in the blood and diabetes sets in, if not properly managed you might be faced with erectile dysfunction. Diabetes is recorded to be one cause of erectile function in men.

Empty Calories That Lead to Obesity– The fact remains that, processed sugar is not healthy for the body.  So, it necessary to note that when you eat those sugar-packed sweet treats or take in processed sugar in whatever form or packaging it may have, you are simply taking in calories which increases your overall body weight without adding any nutrients.

Elevated Insulin Responses – A continuous intake of excess sugar may trigger the body to release the wrong amount of insulin when you consume a lesser amount of sugar. This happens because the body assumes it needs to produce high amounts of insulin. After all, you have been taking in high amounts of sugars. This confusion about how much insulin the body needs to produce and when not to release this insulin can be avoided if you cut down on sugar.

Damage to Cells and Tissues – Science has shown that certain tissues and organs in the body hold more sugar than others and this can be detrimental to the body. This sugar is said to damage the I'm a blood vessel in these tissues and organs. The kidney falls into this category. Even the eyes are not left out.

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