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Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stress: The Right Way Out.

                                               Photo by Makayla  on Unsplash                                 Lately, the weather has been so hot that it becomes very difficult for people to do things they would normally do in milder weather. And the likelihood of people coming down with heat exhaustion, heat stress or even developing heatstroke is high. What is Heat Exhaustion? Heat exhaustion according to Mayo Clinic is a condition induced by high exposure to a combination of high temperature, high humidity, and strenuous physical activity. It is expressed in the form of heavy sweating, and a rapid pulse; a result of your body’s overheating. What is heat stress? Heat stress on the other hand is a condition where the body overheats and puts stress on the body. This could lead to heat cramps or heat stroke in more severe cases. We cannot deny that nature is God’s gift to mankind to enjoy. Practically everyone talks about trying to eat, live or be more in tune with nature, but there are

Starting 2021 With The Right Mindset

                             Image Credit: Monicore on Pixabay

It feels good to see yet another year in spite of the numerous challenges and downtime, you and I are still standing strong. 

The stress and anxiety associated with COVID 19 did not stop you from pushing forward.

Through it all, you still stand because God's mercies saw you to through.

Looking back at 2020 I have so many things to be thankful for. 

One of which is YOU. 

Thank you for spending time to read my posts. 

Thank you for your interest and your valuable comments.

Because we constantly need to grow, I look forward to a more productive year with you, one that is filled with educative posts that would both enrich and prompt you to become better versions of yourself.

I pray 2021 will usher you and me into new heights of accomplishments, better opportunities, and provide us with challenges that will inspire you and me to be better.

Love you all.


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